Background Checks

Brenco Security Services can compile detailed employment background checks and reports into an individual's employment history, lifestyle, and financial background. A search will uncover employment status, and history and also check for adverse credit history. Company searches can also check the integrity of directors, company profiles, financial status, and any outstanding litigation. We can provide accurate and current information in defending hostile takeover bids and in acquisitions and mergers. Our background checks can also provide detailed information about companies and their directors, which may prove invaluable when considering the appointment of an individual to a position of trust and responsibility or in assessing a company in cases of acquisition or merger. We can verify the history of a company or individual and provide current information about their activities. We can obtain detailed information such as company accounts, and director details, including any other business interests and shareholder information, and present it as evidence. We also cover Pre-sue reports and vetting of potential employees. We obtain reports through interviewing and discreet inquiries, always compliant with legislation. Background checks can be extremely useful when recruiting potential employees, particularly candidates for positions that require top security or a position of trust, such as schools, hospitals, large corporations, or legal and financial companies.