Experienced and Professional uniformed Security Guards

Brenco Security Services provides uniformed security personnel to a diverse range of clients across a wide range of sectors. These services are provided to Churches, Homes, schools, private property, shops and government institutions. It is important to us that our staff's appearance is always of a high standard. At Brenco, we respect the stable asset, economic value, and competitive advantage that are brought about by brand awareness. We realize good branding is the product of a clear vision, which must be mirrored by potential clients to build a successful relationship. Our staff fully understands they have an important role to play to ensure both our clients and the Brenco brands are fully protected. We achieve this awareness through effective communication, performance management, and constant training and patrol. Our guards undergo constant training as a reminder to grasp the most important aspects of keenness and being alert and observant at all times while on duty. Our team of criminologists also takes our guards through security lessons to enhance and widen their ability to cope with matters arising in the field. We supplement the work of our guards with the installation of miniature tracking systems in the property we are guarding at our client's premises. This makes it easier to follow up on stolen items as we track the items on a 24/7 basis.