Motor Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

Brenco Security Services installs and distributes miniaturized personal locator devices or personal tracking devices. Initially, the manufacturing of our devices will be sub-contracted as we develop the supporting software and systems internally, although we plan to manufacture our devices in-house soon. Unlike our competitors, we have military-inspired proprietary technology which allows many of our systems to work with or without the presence of cellular towers, enabling their use anywhere in the world, including cities, deserts, and even mountains.

It is in this regard that we wish to introduce our fleet management solutions to you. We have developed a new web-based vehicle tracking system so you can access your fleet from any internet-connected PC, SMS, or phone application in the world. The device can track hundreds of vehicles at any one time. It boasts of the ability to group vehicles, receive boundary or speed alerts to your cell, remote start, and enable or disable the starter.
We install Global Positioning Systems on cars and motorbikes which serve a variety of functions to our clients, including making their fleet more fuel-efficient and productive, whatever its size. These improvements can result in significant savings, with most firms that install trackers seeing a drop in fuel costs of between 15% and 25%.

Our devices can perform the following functions a.

GPS Tracking and Monitoring. You can see the exact location of your vehicle at any time through the web platform, SMS platform, and phone application. You can also monitor your vehicle using the time interval, e.g. after every 10 seconds, or 20 seconds or 1 hour, or the distance interval, i.e. 10m,50m, 1km and so on.
Remote switch off ignition. The device allows you to switch off your engine from anywhere in the world and switch it on within seconds. These can apply to drivers who are allowed to go home with company vehicles and use the vehicles for their non-company businesses.

Geo – Fencing / Boundary Alerts. Geo-fencing means you program your vehicle and confine it to a certain geographical area. For example, Nairobi, Mombasa or Nakuru. It can also be broken down into smaller units like Westland's, Babadogo, Embakasi, and so on. Once your vehicle goes outside the set boundaries, you will receive a notification on your cell phone.

Speed Monitoring. Once you set a speed limit that you require your drivers to drive or ride in, any vehicle exceeding the speed limit will send an automatic notification to your cell phone and computer. With this device installed, your company will have a firm control of vehicle use hence cutting down costs.